The Physics of Slingshots, with Jörg – Smarter Every Day 31

Yep, I went to Germany. Click to share this with your friends please Can I get a thumbs up or something? Many are asking: the camera is a Vision Research Phantom This is the video that made me realize I had to visit Jörg: This is the video with his huge slingshot: […]

Future TOILETS !!! — FAK #10

Watch my newest video, “The Game That Gets Smarter”: *** FACTS AND KNOWLEDGE *** Toto Apricot Toilet Japanese Commercial Toto In Action: Kohler Numi $6,300 Toilet Clean Seat Holland Swedish Self-Cleaning Toilet Street Urinals Amazing Japanese Public Toilet Steampunk Toilet Two-In-One Turn-Around Loo Concept All-In-One Concept Reinvent The […]

The Physics of Motocross – Smarter Every Day 30

This is most often described in terms of angular momentum. I decided to use the rotational energy approach. I’m shooting with a high speed camera made by Vision Research. – Click here to contact them with inquiries and tell them I sent you! That will be fun. Check us out on Facebook: A […]