How Special Relativity Makes Magnets Work

MinutePhysics on permanent magnets: Subscribe to Veritasium: Support Veritasium- get a t-shirt: Subscribe to MinutePhysics: Magnetism seems like a pretty magical phenomenon. Rocks that attract or repel each other at a distance – that’s really cool – and electric current in a wire interacts in the same way. What’s even more […]

MAGNETS: How Do They Work?

The Conquest Continues over on Veritasium: THANK YOU to our amazing subscribers whose donations help keep MinutePhysics running! Calvin Kennell-Heiling Matthew Joseph Woolley TheTripleBstudios – Mike Ledermueller Mark Liederbach – Stephanie Ahlberg-Rosell – K. Repking @lifeasasleeper How do magnets work? Why do they attract and repel at long distances? Is […]

9 Crazy Foods!

Vsauce2 Twitter: **** CLICK “SHOW MORE” FOR LINKS **** Spreadable Beer (0:01) Otoko Kaoru Rose Smelling Gum (0:21) LeWhif Inhalable Chocolate (0:37) Alcohol Infused Whipped Cream (0:54) Bob’s Pickle Pops (1:12) Blue Cheese Flavored Lollipops (1:28) Blue Cheese Lollipops! Absinthe Lollipops! Sushi Push Pop […]


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