GENIUS TRICK – Convert Decimal Numbers To Binary (Base 2)

This video gives a method to convert decimal numbers to binary numbers quickly. This is a variation of the remainder system that is typically taught in courses. I like this method because it gives the answer in the correct order from left to right. Proof of why it works: I also give a proof […]

What is NOT Random?

Is the future of the universe already determined? Vsauce tackles “What is Random?”: Special Thanks to: Prof Stephen Bartlett, Prof Phil Moriarty, Prof Andrea Morello, Prof Tim Bedding, Prof Michio Kaku, A/Prof Alex Argyros, Henry Reich, Vanessa Hill, Dianna Cowern, George Ruiz and Mystery Cat. Views expressed in this video are not necessarily those […]

American Empire

‡ Discuss: American Empire from CGPGrey Special thanks: Alex Perelgut Keyan Halperin Robin McGhee Dragos Dumitrescu Adam Miller Andrew Hawling YumSubs Bryan Crockett Tom Sommerville Damien Polglase Andrew Escobar Sam Duckworth Music by:

10 Most Influential Devices of All Time!

Sit back relax and enjoy the production. Feel free to list any other devices that you think should’ve made the list. Viewer submitted runners up: -HTC G1 (Dream) -Motorola Razar -Blackberry (850?) -HTC HD2 Hire me for video editing: Tracklist: Slow Magic – Youths Sky Ferreira – Everything Is Embarrassing (Krystal Klear Remix) Evenings […]