Your Brain On Coffee

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Amazing Math Trick Schools Don’t Teach – Egyptians/Russian Peasant Method

You can multiply two numbers if you know how to double, halve, and add up numbers. This is really interesting: basically the Egyptians were using binary multiplication! Watch the video to see how it works. READ why this method works: WATCH how ancient Egyptians divided numbers: This method is documented in the Rind […]

Humans Need Not Apply

Discuss this video: Tweets by cgpgrey ## Robots, Etc: Terex Port automation: Command | Cat MieStar System.: Bosch Automotive Technology: Atlas Update: Kiva Systems: PhantomX running Phoenix code: iRobot, Do You: New pharmacy robot at QEHB: Briggo Coffee Experience: John Deere Autosteer ITEC Pro […]

7 BANNED Foods

Watch my newest video, “The Game You Quit”: Seven banned foods from around the world! Watch More Vsauce2 FOOD Videos: **** Sources And Links **** Chewing Gum Banned In Singapore France Bans Ketchup In Schools Illegal To Eat Watermelon In Parks In Beech Grove, Indiana New York City Ban On […]


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