Weird Celebrity Food

Watch my newest video, “The Game That Gets Smarter”: Subscribe To Wisecrack: Watch Thug Notes: 5 weird foods that famous artists ate! **** SOURCES AND LINKS **** Salvador Dalí Les Diners de Gala by Salvador Dali Salvador Dalí’s Rare, Erotic Vintage Cookbook Lord Byron Life, Letters, and Journals of Lord Byron […]

Where is Scandinavia?

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Why Is Waking Up So Hard?

Do you have a hard time waking up? You’re not alone! Sleep Playlist: Read More: Waking Up Is Hard to Do “Mark Twain once wrote, ‘I have tried getting up early, and I have tried getting up late – and the latter agrees with me best.’” ____________________ DNews is dedicated to satisfying your curiosity […]

Your Brain On Shrooms

How do “Magic Mushrooms” chemically alter your brain? Type A. vs. Type B. Personalities: GET THE BOOK: COME MEET US! March 15 @ 4pm AUSTIN – at SXSW Austin Convention Centre (Ballroom G) March 17 @ 6pm YouTube Space New York RSVP Link: March 18 @ 7:30pm JERSEY CITY – WORD Jersey […]

This Video Will Make You Angry

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How does a two-way mirror work? – Big Questions – (Ep. 24)

A weekly show where we endeavor to answer one of your big questions. This week, “bored during school” asks, “How does a two-way mirror work?” — Mental Floss Video on Twitter: Select Images and Footage provided by Shutterstock: Want more of Craig? —- Website: Twitter: Facebook:… Store: […]