Li-Fi, 100X Faster Than Wi-Fi! | ColdFusion

Li-Fi looks to be yet another disruptive technology, this time in communication, which has remained with the same wireless technology since the year 2000. A correction* I was supposed to say South Korea’s world record STANDARD speed of 100mbps Subscribe here: Become a Patreon!: Ted Talk: Other sources: Home Hi, […]

How Long Will You Live?

Cell biology gives clues to why we age and lobsters don’t. I made another video! The future of energy: Check out Breakthrough, Sundays at 9/8c on Nat Geo with GE #ad Animations are from Emmy-winning film ‘Immortal’, reproduced here courtesy of December Media and Genepool Productions (previously Pemberton Films) Check out Immortal here: […]

How The Rosetta Stone Unlocked Hieroglyphics

Thanks to the British Museum! Go help choose their first YouTube series: The Rosetta Stone is one of the most famous archaeological finds in history: and it was the key to cracking Egyptian hieroglyphics. And while it took scholars years to work it out, there was one clue in there that helped unlock everything […]

Americapox: The Missing Plague

Discuss this video: Website: Brought to you by: Special Thanks: Brian Mitchell, Danny Z, Joe Pantry, TheAlphaFactor, Duhilio Patiño, Benjamin Morrison, Jordan Melville, Mike Lanier, Martin, Steven Grimm, Alistair Forbes, Lou Rivellini, Tom Maher, Richard Jenkins, Chris Chapin,, سليمان العقل, Andres Villacres, Phil Gardner, Nevin Spoljaric, Tony DiLascio, Robert Kunz, Tod […]

What if you could trade a paperclip for a house? | Kyle MacDonald | TEDxVienna

Kyle MacDonald details just exactly how he traded up from one red paperclip to a house, in only a year! It’s an unlikely and amazing journey with lots of surprises along the way. More information on Kyle MacDonald started with a red paperclip and traded it for a pen. Then traded the pen for […]

Why Isn’t It Faster To Fly West?

If the earth is spinning to the east at 1000 miles per hour… why can’t we fly west more easily? Thanks to for supporting MinutePhysics. Link to Patreon supporters here: Music by Nathaniel Schroeder, MinutePhysics is on Google+ – And facebook – And twitter – @minutephysics Minute Physics provides an […]

How BIG is TATA? (They Own Jaguar) | ColdFusion

Subscribe here: Become a Patreon!: Hi, welcome to ColdFusion (formally known as ColdfusTion). Experience the cutting edge of the world around us in a fun relaxed atmosphere. //Soundtrack// ODESZA – Memories That You Call (PETIT BISCUIT Remix) Chicane – The Drive Home Caius – Things Gonna Be Okay Leon T. Pearl – You’ll […]

The 116 images NASA wants aliens to see

Here are all the photos flying through interstellar space on Voyager’s Golden Record. Help us make more ambitious videos by joining the Vox Video Lab. It gets you exclusive perks, like livestream Q&As with all the Vox creators, a badge that levels up over time, and video extras bringing you closer to our work! […]

Why You Experience DEJA VU! – Facts in 5

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How Does Tesla’s Autopilot Mode Work? | ColdFusion

Subscribe here: Become a Patreon: How Does Tesla’s Autopilot Mode Work? Watch and find out! Thread of Tesla model S cars learning how to drive via Autopilot mode after the software 7 update: // Soundtrack // Novo Amor & Ed Tullet – Faux (Said The Sky Remix) ODESZA – White Lies (feat. […]

Sound Tractor Beam — Mind Blow #99

Will Robots Make Us More Human? Mind Blow features the latest news in science, technology and amazing! **** SOURCES AND LINKS *** ScanPyramids Project (0:00) Dinosaur Noses Brain Cooling (0:11) Sonic Tractor Beam (0:29) Fly Heart Controlled Using Ontogenetic Pacemaker (1:17) Optogenetics Explained (1:22) Smart Glasses Translate Video To […]