The ‘Ham Sandwich Theorem’ Will Change How You See the Universe… Seriously

Ham sandwiches are delicious, but they’re also pretty useful when it comes to understanding the universe.

Is Anything Truly Random? –

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The Ham Sandwich Theorem Is a Delicious and Puzzling Mathematical Principle
“So if you’re ever floating out in space with a friend who’s really particular about splitting food equally, you know for certain that you can cut your ham sandwich to fairly share it with them.”

A stronger conclusion to the classical ham sandwich theorem
“The conclusion of the classical ham sandwich theorem for bounded Borel sets may be strengthened, without additional hypotheses–there always exists a common bisecting hyperplane that touches each of the sets, that is, that intersects the closure of each set.”

Mathematicians on Ham Sandwiches
“The Ham Sandwich Theorem has been a treat and a spur to mathematicians for more than half a century. It first cropped up in a branch of mathematics called algebraic topology.”


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