SpaceX Just Sent Algae to the ISS, Here’s How It’ll Power Deep Space Missions

SpaceX has taken over refueling missions to the ISS, and they’re bringing some exciting new experiments along the way.

NASA Just Launched a Mission to Mars to Dig Deep Inside the Planet’s Core –

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Plants, Algae and Other Weird Green Stuff Just Arrived at the Space Station
“Algae are incredibly efficient at using low-intensity light conditions to make energy via photosynthesis, which makes the plant perfect for on-orbit growing, researchers said.”

Algae can survive nearly a year and a half in outer space
“Algae from the Arctic Circle are used to tough weather, and it turns out they’re also able to survive the extreme conditions of outer space. Two specimens recently spent 16 months on the exterior of the International Space Station and became the first plants to make it through these conditions.”

Domesticating Algae for Sustainable Production of Feedstocks in Space (Space Algae)
“Domesticating Algae for Sustainable Production of Feedstocks in Space (Space Algae) explores the genetic basis for productivity of algae cultivated in space and whether this requires genetic adaptations. Algae may perceive microgravity as an abiotic stress, which can trigger production of high value compounds.”

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