Could Magnonics Spark the Extinction of Electronics?

Faster, more efficient electronics may be on the horizon thanks to a creative use of magnetism… as soon as we can stop blowing stuff up. Meet “magnonics.”

Photonic Chips Will Change Computing Forever… If We Can Get Them Right –

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Riding the (quantum magnetic) wave
“Scientists have shown that an organic-based magnet can carry waves of quantum mechanical magnetization, called magnons, and convert those waves to electrical signals.”

Researchers demonstrate pattern recognition using magnonic holographic memory device
“The main challenge associated with magnonic holographic memory is the scaling of the operational wavelength, which requires the development of sub-micrometer scale elements for spin wave generation and detection.”

Magnon transistors could give spintronics a boost

Magnon transistors could give spintronics a boost

“Circuits based on magnons have the potential to be much simpler in design than comparable conventional electronics – while at the same time consuming much less energy.”


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