The Real Reason You Hallucinate

Hallucinations explain where your consciousness comes from.
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Your brain is a complex organ that makes you…YOU! Your consciousness is controlled by a variety of molecules and receptors in your brain which are studied while hallucinating. New research places participants in an fMRI machine to study their brains while hallucinating, it shows a decrease in the default mode network. The default mode network is a brain region that controls worrying, reason, motivation, reflecting on your past and planning your future. It is the part of the brain that builds the story of you! Your consciousness, fear of mortality, obsession with the ego starts to dissolve when you hallucinate, and your brain starts to add information and use the neurology of your brain in different ways to cope leading to a hallucination. All of this research is leading to breakthroughs in addiction therapy, end of life therapy and most importantly, a clear picture of where your consciousness comes from.

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Resources/further reading:
How To Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan

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