Don’t let your memes be dreams | Mihailo Bozic | TEDxUWA

“When I was growing up, my mum would always tell me there’s nothing good about social media, to get off the internet and enjoy the fresh air outside. But I had big dreams of going viral online.”
Mihailo’s story is just like that of many other millennials and Gen-Z kids who have grown up with social media, unlike their baby boomer parents. He was more interested in making strangers laugh online than getting his daily dose of vitamin D. He shares his experiences with social media and how a seemingly meaningless Star Wars meme page he started on Facebook turned into a career no one 10 years ago would have thought was even possible. Over the past 5 years Mihailo has spent countless hours on various social media platforms, “accidentally” ignoring his academic work, to create viral content that is seen by millions of people weekly. His experience in growing pages, accounts and digital brands has led him from Perth to Manchester and back, working alongside companies such as the BBC. His online prowess has led him to start his own social media consulting agency where he has advised the Federal Government on social media law in Australia. He’s been able to do all of this by the ripe old age of 21. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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