The Survival of the Antarctic Could Depend on These Penguins | Disappearing Penguins

After 50 years, scientists return to Elephant Island off the coast of the Antarctic peninsula to do the seemingly impossible; count thousands of penguins.
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245 kilometers off the frigid coast of Antarctica is an island where populations of chinstrap penguins live in the thousands. But these penguins are more than just cute, the health of the Antarctic ecosystem relies on their well-being. the scientists in this next documentary count them. Yeah. By hand, in the freezing cold, walking on steep cliffs. It’s been years since this last happened, and the data collected now will inform them of how one of the most remote places on earth is fairing.

If you want to know what it took to film in such a hostile, and rather crowded, location stick around after the credits for a Q&A with the filmmakers. And now from GreenPeace International, this is Disappearing Penguins.

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