SpaceX Will Launch Its Next Human Spaceflight to the ISS

SpaceX’s next launch to space will not only have NASA astronauts but also astronauts from the European Space Agency and the Japan Aerospace Exploration making it the most international crew yet.
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At the beginning of 2020, a privately owned company had never launched humans into space before. Now? SpaceX is gearing up to do it for a THIRD TIME. Its next mission to the International Space Station, known as Crew-2, is with the company’s most seasoned team yet and also its most international.

Crew-2 is made up of four members in total; two NASA astronauts; Mission commander, Shane Kimbrough, and pilot Megan McArthur, and mission specialists Thomas Pesquet from ESA as well as Aki Hoshide from JAXA. Although this will be McArthur’s first duration on the ISS.

Each member of the team has flown multiple times on previous missions including the Space Shuttle, and Soyuz spacecraft. Building on their collective expertise, they’ve been able to approach the SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule and training program with thoroughness and excitement. Even if it’s a lil different.

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NASA, SpaceX to Launch Second Commercial Crew Rotation Mission to International Space Station
The crew is scheduled for a long-duration stay aboard the orbiting laboratory, spending several months conducting science and maintenance before the four astronauts return to Earth in fall 2021.

SpaceX Crew2 Launch Date
The SpaceX Crew-2 mission is scheduled to launch no earlier than 6:11 a.m. Eastern on Thursday, April 22. The flight to the International Space Station is estimated to take 23 hours and 39 minutes, so the onboard astronauts will not meet their new ISS colleagues until Friday at 5:30 am Eastern. The astronauts have already begun to quarantine, as a precaution during the Covid-19 pandemic

NASA Crew-2 ISS mission: How to watch SpaceX Dragon launch this month
NASA is looking toward fall for the launch of a Crew-3 mission, which could take off as early as Oct. 23. Crew-2 would look to return to Earth not long after that.

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