Meet Our Nitrogen-Breathing Bacterial Relative

Go to to try their Computational Biology course. Sign up now and get 20% off an annual Premium subscription. Oxygen is pretty great stuff, but this recently discovered organism couldn’t care less about oxygen. It breathes nitrogen and may offer a window into how the types of cells in OUR bodies may have evolved […]

The Accidental Rush for Anthrax Island

Gruinard Island, in the north-west of Scotland, was where Britain tested its biological weapons. That story’s been told many times: but I found something in the archives that I don’t think anyone’s ever noticed before. Thanks to the boat crew and voice artists! Location fixer: Vikki McCraw at Locations 365 SOURCES from the National […]

6 Mysteries Geologists Can’t Explain — Yet!

To discover more about Nature’s Fynd, visit To learn about their remarkable nutritional fungi protein and fermentation process, visit Explaining strange Earth geology is often straightforward — combine a volcanic eruption a dash of erosion, and boom, you’ve got a striking cliff! But not all the features on this planet are so easy […]

Exploding Weed Seeds (28,546 fps Slow Motion)- Smarter Every Day 257

Thanks to Google for Sponsoring this Video! Click here if you’re interested in subscribing: ⇊ Click below for more links! ⇊ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GET SMARTER SECTION Cardamine Hirsuta (Hairy Bittercress) Arabidopsis Thaliana The paper I was talking about: Morphomechanical Innovation Drives Explosive Seed Dispersal (Hofhuis, Hugo, et al. “Morphomechanical innovation drives explosive […]

Why Are Mules Sterile?

Horse plus donkey — it seems like an unlikely combination. I mean, they’re different species! And yet, when they get together, they can produce a mule or the lesser-known hinny. Either way, those offspring usually can’t become parents themselves. Hosted by: Rose Bear Don’t Walk SciShow has a spinoff podcast! It’s called SciShow Tangents. Check […]

Risking My Life To Settle A Physics Debate

Everyone will say this craft breaks the laws of physics. This video is sponsored by Kiwico, For 50% off your first month of any subscription crate from KiwiCo (available in 40 countries!) head to ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ A HUGE thanks to Rick and Neil for letting me drive Blackbird. Check out Rick’s YouTube Channel for more […]

Self-empowerment: trarre il meglio dai propri difetti | Federico Vagni | TEDxLegnano

Federico Vagni è esperto di self-empowerment e sviluppo del potenziale. Attraverso un elogio dell’imperfezione, ci guida alla scoperta di nuove consapevolezze, in un percorso di realizzazione personale e professionale. Tre strategie sull’utilizzo dei nostri difetti sono gli strumenti pratici per crescere e sviluppare le nostre potenzialità. Fondatore di Torreluna – Empowering People, Federico è laureato […]

Il futuro esiste. È circolare. Ed è l’unico futuro possibile | Paolo Marcesini | TEDxLegnano

Si può rigenerare l’infinito dove l’infinito non esiste? Paolo Marcesini, giornalista esperto di sostenibilità ed economia circolare, ci racconta la storia di Ellen, una giovane velista che da sola, sulla sua barca, ha cambiato il nostro modo di vedere e pensare l’economia globale. Nasce così l’economia circolare, dove esiste crescita e sviluppo solo se produciamo […]

American Prodogies | Prisha Reddy | TEDxYouth@Jenks

In her speech “American Prodogies”, Prisha Reddy discusses a common program found in American schools, Gifted and Talented. She will describe the effectiveness of these programs and whether or not we should be investing in them. My name is Prisha Reddy, and I am a sophomore at Booker T. Washington High School. I am part […]

Treating Blindness With Light (and Gene Therapy) | SciShow News

To discover more about Nature’s Fynd, visit To learn about their remarkable nutritional fungi protein and fermentation process, visit We have the first published example of using light and gene therapy to restore someone’s vision! And in heavier (metal) news, a recent study found surprisingly high levels of mercury in meltwater from the […]

Our Coming of Age Movie | Hannah Varickappallil | TEDxYouth@Jenks

In her speech “Our Coming of Age Movie”, Hannah Varickappallil address American, modern-day education. She addresses what is currently happening and how we can fix present problems. I am Hannah Varickappalli, an eleventh grader at Union High School. I have not been active in the Union Speech and Debate team, but I love to speak […]

Intelligenza artificiale e consapevolezza per un futuro 4.0 | Luca Altieri | TEDxLegnano

Luca Altieri, Direttore Marketing IBM Italia appassionato di Tecnologia e Umanistica è un accanito sostenitore della centralità dell’individuo e di una innovazione votata al benessere della società. Da sempre convinto delle potenzialità dell’essere umano nella costruzione di un futuro sostenibile nei suoi numerosi interventi condivide scenari e trend futuristici. In questo intervento racconta il confronto […]

The Diversity Pick and the Gap Kids | Priya George, Chloe Gough, and Emma Zemanek | TEDxYouth@Jenks

In their speech “The Diversity Pick and the Gap Kids”, Priya, Chloe, and Emma shed light on Global Citizenship. They explain the importance of such interactions and the impact they can have. Our names are Chloe Gough, Emma Zemanek, and Priya George; we are seniors at Jenks High School. Our interactions with peers and community […]

Historical Revisionism and its Effects on Student Comprehension | Hayley Ortwein | TEDxYouth@Jenks

Hayley Ortwein in her speech “Historical Revisionism and its Effects on Student Comprehension”, reveals the tactics used in schools to teach History. She explains why such lessons are even being taught and if the desired outcomes are arising. Hi, my name is Hayley Ortwein and I’m an eleventh grade student at Jenks High School. I […]

Recreating Dennis Ritchie’s PhD Thesis – Computerphile

Professor Brailsford has been toiling away on a faithful recreation of Unix co-creator Dennis Ritchie’s unsubmitted PhD thesis. The Computer History Museum material on Dennis’s lost thesis is at: Discovering Dennis Ritchie’s Lost Dissertation The Ritchie family’s Web site about the devices (hardware and software) that Dennis used to create his thesis is at: Unpacking […]

The Awakening, The Great Awakening, and the Reawakening | Erin Quinn | TEDxMiddlebury

Erin Quinn became the Director of Athletics at Middlebury in 2006. Under his leadership, Middlebury has captured 11 team National Championships, garnered 24 individual NCAA Champions and 51 team NESCAC titles. Middlebury received the Learfield Directors’ Cup in 2012 and has finished in the top 10 in cup standings since Quinn took the helm. Quinn […]

How to discover your “why” in difficult times | Simon Sinek

Visit to get our entire library of TED Talks, transcripts, translations, personalized talk recommendations and more. What has the coronavirus pandemic taught us about ourselves and our relationships? In a deeply personal and wide-ranging conversation, leadership expert Simon Sinek shares his own experience caring for his mental health as the world shut down. He […]

The Science of the World’s Most Colorful Corn

To discover more about Nature’s Fynd, visit To learn about their remarkable nutritional fungi protein and fermentation process, visit Don’t be fooled! The yellow or white corn you see in the grocery store is only the tip of the rainbow-colored iceberg of corn coloration. And these more genetically diverse varieties of corn might […]

The Magic Factory – rewilding indoor farming | Ketil Stoknes | TEDxDrammen

“If you want to run a business of producing something, food for instance, you must be able to focus hard on the product, maximizing the output yield and reducing the input costs. It’s the regular business of raw material – machine – product! Forget about the rest, such as waste. An endless field of wheat […]

Can you solve the Trojan War riddle? – Dennis E. Shasha

Practice more problem-solving at — On Olympus, you’ve been waiting for an opportunity to bring the bloody Trojan War to its conclusion. The two sides have agreed to a brief truce, and when you consult the Fates, they advise: should the peace last for 10 days, all will end soon. But if the truce […]

When it comes to racism, are you a non or an anti? | Hank VanPutten | TEDxLSSC

Drawing from work and research in diversity, equity, and inclusion, this talk explores different categorical definitions of racism and the perspectives they come from. A native of Jamaica, New York, Hank Van Putten earned his B.S. in Education from Northeastern University, and a M. Ed. from Cambridge College. Hank spent 35 years in the Newton […]

The case for co-ops, the invisible giant of the economy | Anu Puusa

Visit to get our entire library of TED Talks, transcripts, translations, personalized talk recommendations and more. Think capitalism is broken? Try cooperativism, says co-op enthusiast and researcher Anu Puusa. She lays out how cooperatives — businesses owned, operated and controlled by their members — can both make money and have a positive impact on […]

How Bees Stay Busy… As a Bee?

Bees, they’re important and amazing creatures, and with spring on the way we thought we’d share another round of our favorite bee episodes. Hosted by: Hank Green SciShow has a spinoff podcast! It’s called SciShow Tangents. Check it out at ———- Support SciShow by becoming a patron on Patreon: ———- Huge thanks go […]

North America’s Galapagos Islands | Corinne Heyning Laverty | TEDxRedondoBeachStudio

Standing on the shore of the Pacific Ocean at the Point Vicente Interpretive Center in Rancho Palos Verdes, Los Angeles Times Best Selling author, Corinne Heyning Laverty, will transport Ted Talk listeners to California’s eight Channel Islands, introducing them not only to the unique animals, plants and human history that has shaped these resilient scraps […]

How a simple question can influence your conversation? | Ravi Mayar | TEDxSereneMeadows

RAVI MAYAR Celebrity Magician, Pick Pocket Consultant and Hypnotist. When he discovered that he could use his business knowledge to widen the horizons of his career in entertainment, consulting and coaching, Ravi Mayar joined the world of magic. He is a Celebrity Magician, Pick Pocket Consultant and Hypnotist who has performed and taught his fantastic […]

How dirt bikes and STEM ignite ingenuity in Baltimore | Brittany Young

Visit to watch more groundbreaking talks from the TED Fellows. Dirt biking is more than just a pastime — it’s an opportunity to disrupt the cycle of poverty and provide enriching STEM education, says TED Fellow Brittany Young. In this perspective-shifting talk, she shares how her team is working with students and street riders […]

Scientists Want To 3D Print Bones in Your Body

For the first time ever, scientists have figured out a way to 3D print bones using living cells. A team at UNSW Sydney has developed a new technique that’s taken us one step closer to directly 3D printing bones into a human body. » Subscribe to Seeker! » Watch more Elements! » Visit […]

What If Your Arm Falls Off Right After a Vaccine?

Start building your ideal daily routine with Fabulous. The first 100 people who click on the link will get a FREE week trial and 25% OFF Fabulous Premium: If you lost your arm almost immediately after being vaccinated, would you still be vaccinated? Hosted by: Michael Aranda SciShow has a spinoff podcast! It’s called […]

It’s time to rethink public health | Shivani Patel | TEDxAtlanta

The pandemic has put in stark relief the inherent health inequities in the United States. Social epidemiologist Shivani Patel provides sobering insights into the numbers and makes a case for effective public health grounded in equity and data. Shivani A. Patel is a social epidemiologist whose ongoing research focuses on cardio-metabolic diseases. Her expertise in […]

What Are You Doing With Your Life? The Tail End

Gain a new perspective on your life with our “Calendar & Timeline of Your Life Posters”: Existential Dread Sources & further reading: Wrapping your mind around your life is pretty hard, because you are up to your neck in it. It’s like trying to understand the ocean while learning how to swim. On most […]

Could you survive the real Twilight Zone? – Philip Renaud and Kenneth Kostel

Find out how a hatchetfish survives its daily journey from the depths of the ocean’s Twilight Zone to the resource-rich surface. — You’re traveling deep beneath the ocean’s surface, where faint lights flicker and toothy grins flash. Your mission is to survive these depths and journey to the surface after sundown to feed. And as […]

The Unusual Secret To Success | Joshua Mahama | TEDxAshesiUniversity

Joshua takes a very unorthodox approach to explaining the journey to success. He creatively uses experiences from his time at Ashesi University to highlight key points about riding on the waves of short-term failure to attain long-term success. His mantra is: “Do things today that your future self will thank you for.” Joshua Mahama is […]

Electronic pills that could transform how we treat disease | Khalil Ramadi

Visit to watch more groundbreaking talks from the TED Fellows. Could a small jolt of electricity to your gut help treat chronic diseases? Medical hacker and TED Fellow Khalil Ramadi is developing a new, noninvasive therapy that could treat diseases like diabetes, obesity, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s with an electronic pill. More targeted than a […]

Thank the Manhattan Project for Your Air Filter

This video was made in partnership with Lydall. Lydall’s mission is and has always been to create a cleaner, quieter and safer world. To learn more, check out: HEPA filters are the basis of modern filtration – but they also represent a straight line from the Manhattan Project to your living room! Hosted by: […]

The Art of Radical Self Love | Rae Senarighi | TEDxUWMilwaukee

As a fine artist, activist, and thought leader bringing awareness and recognition to trans and non-binary communities, this cancer survivor is here to talk about the art of radical self-love. Fine artist, designer and muralist, Rae Senarighi is best known for colorful abstracts, intricate typography, and vivid portraiture. Rae began his studies at the University […]

The woman who stared at the sun – Alex Gendler

Get to know the legacy of Hisako Koyama, whose drawings of the sun’s surface helped scientists reconstruct 400 years of sunspot activity. — In 1944, amateur astronomer Hisako Koyama’s latest endeavor was sketching the sun’s shifting surface. She spent weeks angling her telescope towards the sun and tracking every change she saw with drawings. Little […]

RSA Minimate: A framework for change | Matthew Taylor

We need a solid base camp from which to map new routes forward for humanity. One that’s built on a shared understanding of how core human needs and motivations interact with social forces to shape and drive the dynamics of change.  In this new RSA Minimate, RSA chief executive Matthew Taylor introduces ‘co-ordination theory’ – a set of ideas about what motivates us and influences the ways we act together – from authority, values […]