Can bees help us to design sustainable supermarkets? | Emma Campbell | TEDxQueensUniversityBelfast

Today, supermarkets are a key interface between shoppers and the food they eat. In fact, just nine retailers’ control over 95% of the UK’s grocery market. Supermarkets provide consumers with a cornucopia of choice, where foods sourced from all around the world are available every day for low prices. Unfortunately, sourcing from a global hinterland has resulted in chronic consumer disconnection, mass overconsumption as well as waste of our precious planetary resources. Dr Emma Campbell is a Research Fellow and Design Tutor in Architecture, based within the School of Natural and Built Environment at Queen’s University Belfast. Her research focuses on future relationships between people, food, and place through the lens of sustainability. As a design-researcher, she is really interested in how design and systems-thinking might help to solve some of the wicked problems inherent in food systems today.
Currently, Emma works within the Innovate UK funded Ideal Home project in partnership with Moy Park, the UK’s largest poultry integrator. The project applies a research-by-design methodology to evaluate, model and redesign poultry house infrastructures with an aim to increase productivity, improve animal welfare and help the poultry sector meet net zero emissions by 2040. During her Ph.D., Emma presented her work at conferences and workshops locally and internationally, in places such as Doha, Vancouver, Nottingham, Nicosia and Belfast. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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