Inside the Deep Sea Sub Exploring Earth’s Final Frontier

Earth’s final frontier is the ocean floor. To explore these unknown depths and uncover countless mysteries, a group of engineers upgraded the world’s oldest crewed sub.

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Alvin is a deep-submergence vehicle. It’s a three-person machine designed to take people to some of the deepest places in the ocean. It’s a 57-year-old program that has stayed operational for those 57 years and continues to make some pretty amazing discoveries.

Every time Alvin dives, we learn something new. One of the most exciting discoveries was made in 1977, with the discovery of the hydrothermal vent systems.

And even just a couple of years ago, Alvin enabled the discovery of a new deep coral environment. Because of these discoveries, Alvin is no stranger to making headlines.

For years, Alvin’s max depth was 4,500 meters, giving scientists access to close to two thirds of the ocean floor. There’s always a sense of excitement and anticipation before getting in the sub, and that just comes from the fact that you are likely to see something that no one else has seen before, and potentially make an important discovery.

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