Is Meat Really that Bad?

The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: Sources & further reading: Food is arguably the best thing about being alive. No other bodily pleasure is enjoyed multiple times every day and never gets old. It is an expression of culture, our parents’ love […]

Innovative virtuoso guitar | Vicki Genfan | TEDxGreensboro

A master of tuning and teaching to expand the range of the guitar Vicki Genfan is a virtuoso guitarist, singer and composer drawing from folk, jazz, pop, soul and world music. With a mastery of the acoustic guitar and playing her unique percussive technique of ‘slap-tap’ guitar and over 30 different guitar tunings, she takes […]

Is it really that bad to marry my cousin? | Am I Normal? with Mona Chalabi

There are things we accept as obvious truths that aren’t necessarily backed up by data. A primary example: cousin marriage being taboo. In this episode, data journalist Mona Chalabi looks at the numbers behind our family trees to reveal that cousin marriage is much more common and much less “ick” than you might think. Want […]

What Happens When You Remove Your Body Hair?

We’re all pretty invested in what our body hair looks like. But why exactly do we have body hair in the first place, and what happens when we remove it? » Subscribe to Seeker! » Watch more Body Language! » Visit our shop at On average, we’re covered in about 5 million […]

Bridging the gap between science and real people | Liza Cornet | TEDxVenlo

Especially the language used in the scientific world is a problem that needs to be solved to make scientific publications more accessible. Liza Cornet, 34, lives and works in Amsterdam and has relatives in the region of Venlo. She has her own company in science communication after having worked as a scientist at different universities […]

The Ancient Footprints that Changed The Timeline of Human History

Our friends at MinuteEarth just released a new book! To check out “How Did Whales Get So Big?” head to: In the history of our species, we still don’t know exactly how and when early humans migrated across the world, but some ancient footprints might be helping us figure it out. Hosted by: Stefan […]

Loosen Up: How Not to Become Radicalised | Sarah Carthy | TEDxGalway

What happens to a person’s mind when they become radicalised? And what can it teach us about our own rigid thinking? Sarah is Postdoctoral Researcher in Terrorism and Political Violence at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs, Universiteit Leiden Sarah is currently working as a Postdoctoral Researcher at Leiden University’s Institute of Security and […]

When a cow has to go, does it ask other cows to “moove?” #shorts #science #ecology #cows

Attabey Rodríguez Benítez: Writer Kyle Nackers: Fact Checker Bonnie Meyer: Managing Editor Savannah Geary: Editor, Associate Producer Sarah Suta: Producer Caitlin Hofmeister: Executive Producer Hank Green: Executive Producer, Host Sources:

The town where holding fireworks over your head is a tradition

Bridgwater Carnival, in Somerset, has a long tradition of squibbing: a huge procession of people holding fireworks right above their heads. This year, I got the chance to be one of the squibbers. Thanks to all the Bridgwater Carnival team: their site is Camera: Dave Mackie and Nyles Hollister Edited by Michelle Martin: […]

Liam Young: Planet City — a sci-fi vision of an astonishing regenerative future | TED

Get transported on a stunningly rendered, sci-fi safari through Planet City: an imaginary metropolis of 10 billion people, from the brain of director and architect Liam Young. Explore the potential outcomes of an urban space designed to house the entire population of the earth — and imagine answers to what is possible, and what is […]

Inside the James Webb Space Telescope’s Orbit Around the Sun

NASA spent billions on the James Webb Space Telescope and now we’re going to launch it really far away. But why do we need to send it so far? And what technologies are on board to support its success? » Recap on the James Webb Space Telescope » Subscribe to Seeker! » Watch […]

Witness Numbers (and the truthful 1,662,803) – Numberphile

Featuring Matt Parker – more Parker links below. Check out Brilliant (get 20% off their premium service): (sponsor) More links & stuff in full description below ↓↓↓ MATT PARKER STUFF Stand-Ups Maths on YouTube: Matt’s website: Matt’s Books (Amazon): Matt’s playlist on Numberphile: Parker Square Merch: Numberphile is supported […]

We Built An Unrideable Bike To Show How Bikes Work

Why are bicycles stable? The most common answer is gyroscopic effects, but this is not right. This video was sponsored by Kiwico. Get 50% off your first month of any crate at Huge thanks to Rick Cavallaro for creating this bike on short notice. Thanks to all the friends who participated in the filming. […]

The Future of Work – A Place of Belonging | Krys Burnette | TEDxNuremberg

In the workplace, we are all striving for a sense of belonging. We want to be sure our voices are heard and that we can turn our ideas into action. But what can go wrong when the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion are missing? What are the benefits if we do apply these principles? […]

Why Do Manatees Die When Power Plants Shut Down?

This episode is sponsored by Wren, a website where you calculate your carbon footprint. Sign up to make a monthly contribution to offset your carbon footprint or support rainforest protection projects: While the Florida manatee is threatened by human activity in a myriad of ways, perhaps the most surprising among those threats is the […]

When Food Goes Bad | Compilation

See every side of every news story by downloading the free Ground News app: Food can’t stay fresh forever. From moldy bread to brown apples, here’s the science behind what happens when food goes bad. Hosted by: Hank Green SciShow is on TikTok! Check us out at ———- Support SciShow by becoming a […]

What clowns can teach you about vulnerability in leadership | Michaud Garneau | TEDxWilsonPark

The role of the clown is to connect with the audience. Their role is to build trust, build understanding and reflect back to the audience what they see through their own absurdity. The role of the clown is to laugh at themselves, to take risks, to show what is possible. At the core of the […]

Nabiha Saklayen: Could you recover from illness … using your own stem cells? | TED

What if diseases could be treated with a patient’s own cells, precisely and on demand? Biotech entrepreneur Nabiha Saklayen explains how we could harness advances in biology, machine learning and lasers to create personalized stem cell banks — and develop medicine uniquely designed for each of our bodies. Visit to get our entire library […]

What Really Goes Into Storing Food for the Winter?

Our friends at MinuteEarth just released a new book! To check out “How Did Whales Get So Big?” head to: When birds and squirrels cache food for the winter, it means they have to remember where to find that food later. Their strategies for finding their hidden feasts includes memory tricks and changing brains. […]

What does “good food” mean, and how do we make it affordable? | Mark Bittman | TEDxBoston

What does “good food” mean, exactly, and how do we produce and make it available and affordable? Mark Bittman provides some answers. Mark Bittman is the author of 30 books, including the How to Cook Everything series and the #1 New York Times bestseller VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00 to Lose Weight and Restore Your […]

Richard Wilkinson: The link between inequality and anxiety | TED

Why are global levels of anxiety and depression so high? Social epidemiologist Richard Wilkinson presents compelling data on the impact of inequality on mental health and social relationships in countries around the world. “Inequality,” he says, “is the enemy between us.” Visit to get our entire library of TED Talks, transcripts, translations, personalized talk […]

The Big Bang Didn’t Happen Where You Think

Where is the universe expanding into? Where did the big bang happen? Sign up for my FREE Varsity Tutors class! → Check out Varsity Tutors Club STEM! → Support Physics Girl videos → Creator/Host: Dianna Cowern Editor: Levi Butner Expanding Universe Animation: Keegan Larwin Cosmology Consultant: Dr. Ethan Siegel Special thank you […]

Four tipping points Africa can expect from climate change | Francois Engelbrecht | TEDxJohannesburg

It is common cause that with the level of global warming currently at 1.1 degrees Celsius as of 2021, we are now close to exceeding the dangerous threshold of 1.5 degrees. In fact, according to Francois Engelbrecht, atmospheric modelling specialist, it might already be too late to avoid that mark. He and other climate scientists […]

My nanotechnology story | Arben Merkoci | TEDxTirana

ARBEN MERKOÇI is ICREA Professor and director of the Nanobioelectronics & Biosensors Group at Institut Català de Nanociencia i Nanotecnologia, situated at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. His research is focused on the integration of biological molecules and other species with micro- and nanostructures of interest in the design of novel (bio) sensors. Professor Merkoçi […]

Square One at 60 | Steven Kunes | TEDxChestnutStreetStudio

Comedy writer Steven Kunes didn’t think it was so funny to find himself starting over at age 60, nor was there any Hollywood ending in sight. Discovered at 26 by TV legend Norman Lear, and following three decades in network television, Kunes had a noteworthy self-destruction that found him homeless and forced to rethink, and […]

Los insectos son importantes para el equilibrio ambiental | Enya Ramírez del Valle | TEDxMilpaAlta

En su charla, Enya nos recuerda la importancia de los insectos en el tejido natural de los ecosistemas. Los insectos se encuentran bajo amenaza en todo el planeta, si no hacemos algo, en las próximas décadas más del 40% de ellos podrían desaparecer. Esta pérdida supondría una catástrofe ecológica pues, entre otras cosas, rompería con […]

Be Unique, Be True | Jaya Kumar Bailkeri | TEDxKCMarg | Jaya Kumar Bailkeri | TEDxKcMarg

Jaya Kumar is currently the MD of Kalpavrksha Associates. Jaya has been a trailblazer of recruitment within IT industry starting with JK Management Consultants (JKMC) in 1997, which was in the top 10 IT Recruitment Co in India. During IT’s peak hiring period, JKMC had 150+ employees with a PAN India presence Jaya has built […]

Changing the world is a phone call away | Thami Schweichler | TEDxAmsterdamSalon

Thami Schweichler, director of Makers Unite, explores both the simplicity and difficulty of initiating change at an individual level. We are often withheld by fear, but the answer can be as simple as making one phone call. Thami Schweichler, director of Makers Unite, explorers both the simplicity and difficulty of initiating change at an individual […]

The Most Common Allergy In The World

BLACK FRIDAY OFFER: Get 42% off of both CuriosityStream and Nebula when you sign up at by 11/28. The urushiol molecules in poison ivy have the ability to trigger a harmful immune response in most people because the immune system mistakenly labels them as a threat. LEARN MORE ************** To learn more about this […]

Online safety, platforms and the public square | RSA Event

The UK government’s Online Safety Bill has the potential to be a landmark piece of legislation, setting new norms for accountability and online safety that could have far-reaching impact for the major social media platforms. Is this the next step to a safer web for all? From vaccine misinformation to racist and misogynistic abuse, the […]

The surprising health benefits of dreaming | Sleeping with Science

Every night when you fall asleep and start dreaming, you’re actually doing very important work! According to sleep scientist Matt Walker, dreams act like a form of “overnight therapy.” In fact, your dreams may even boost your ability to solve problems and process tough emotions that affect your waking life. Sleep — we spend one-third […]

How Consent Can Change Your Life | Shahd Omar | TEDxYouth@ABIS

After an unusual life experience and finding herself stuck alone in a forest, Shahd realized that she has a problem. Growing up, we’re all taught to always say yes, which creates uncertainty within us and with our boundaries. This makes it difficult for us to understand what consent is and why it’s important. Shahd Omar, […]

Anil Seth: How your brain invents your “self” | TED

Who are you, really? Neuroscientist Anil Seth lays out his fascinating new theory of consciousness and self, centered on the notion that we “predict” the world into existence. From sleep to memory and everything in between, Seth explores the reality we experience in our brains — versus the world as it objectively might be. (This […]

Why you don’t hear about the ozone layer anymore

Finally, some good news about the environment. Subscribe and turn on notifications 🔔 so you don’t miss any videos: In the ’80s, scientists discovered there was a hole in the ozone over the South Pole. A significant layer of gas that deflects much of the sun’s radiation was disappearing much faster than anyone expected. […]

The Next Generation of Nuclear Power Is Here

After a decade of research and development, China is ready to test its first-ever thorium-powered molten salt reactor. If it runs safely and shows potential to be cost-effective, China may be powering over a hundred thousand homes by 2030. » Recap on Fusion Energy » Subscribe to Seeker! » Watch more Elements! […]

Three Questions to Build a Purpose-Driven Career | Astrid Schrader | TEDxKanzlerPark

Astrid Schrader, the founder of The Arc, is sharing her insights on building a purpose-driven career. Astrid is an entrepreneur and coach who has worked 10+ years in management consulting and also co-founded her own consulting firm focusing on financial transfers in the social and youth welfare sector. Astrid is an entrepreneur and coach who […]