Iceland’s superpowered underground volcanoes – Jean-Baptiste P. Koehl

Explore how geothermal energy— the heat in the Earth’s crust— is being used to create renewable electricity and power. — While the weather in Iceland is often cold, wet, and windy, a nearly endless supply of heat bubbles away below the surface. In fact, almost every building in the country is heated by geothermal energy […]

Boeing’s Historic Starliner Capsule Is Heading Back to the ISS

On July 30, 2021, Boeing’s Starliner Crew Capsule is scheduled to launch to the ISS. If all goes well, this uncrewed mission will pave the way for crewed missions later this year…and prove that Boeing and NASA have what it takes to reinvent commercial human spaceflight. » Subscribe to Seeker! (then hit the little […]

Venom spurs, duck bills and spiky penises: A year in the life a platypus – Gilad Bino

Trace a year in the life of a platypus, and explore how the animal’s unique adaptations ensure its survival. — Waddling along the parched Australian earth, a female platypus is searching for fresh water. Over the past year, a severe drought turned rivers and streams to mere trickles. She barely survived and was unable to […]

NASA Engineers Want This Steampunk Rover to Uncover Venus’ Secrets

Venus is a spacecraft killer and always has been. Because of its hellish conditions, NASA JPL engineers are designing a new type of rover that could finally explore our mysterious neighbor. » Subscribe to Seeker! (then hit the little 🔔 icon and select “all.”) » Watch more Focal Point | » Visit our […]

Jupiter’s Polar Winds Create a Vortex Way Bigger Than Earth Itself

What exactly is going on with Jupiter’s crazy winds? And why are they even worth exploring? Let’s find out. » Subscribe to Seeker! (then hit the little 🔔 icon and select “all.”) » Watch more Elements! » Visit our shop at For the first time ever, scientists were able to directly measure […]

The rise and fall of the Kingdom of Man – Andrew McDonald

Discover the medieval empire of the Isle of Man and the Hebrides, and how a dynasty of sea kings rose to power. — On a small island in the Irish Sea, fortresses preside over the rugged shores. This unlikely location was the birthplace of a medieval empire that lasted 200 years. Rulers built coastal fortresses […]

The BIGGEST Dinosaur Mystery Was Just Solved

The prehistoric paradox that scientists just solved The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: Want more dinosaurs? Check out our latest podcast episode: Special thanks to Kat Schroeder for here research and helping with this episode! FOLLOW US! Instagram:​​ Facebook:​​ Twitter: […]

What You Need To Know About the COVID-19 Delta Variant

In recent months, the Delta variant has been linked to a resurgence of COVID infections and is on track to become the dominant variant worldwide. But what exactly sets this so-called super spreader variant apart from all the rest? » Subscribe to Seeker! (then hit the little 🔔 icon and select “all.”) » Watch […]

The paradox at the heart of mathematics: Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem – Marcus du Sautoy

Explore Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem, a discovery which changed what we know about mathematical proofs and statements. — Consider the following sentence: “This statement is false.” Is that true? If so, that would make the statement false. But if it’s false, then the statement is true. This sentence creates an unsolvable paradox; if it’s not true […]

Uncovering the Magical Microbial World of the Vagina

Vaginal itching? Funky odor? Abnormal discharge? All of these changes are influenced by the vaginal microbiome, the community of bacteria that’s meant to protect you from infection. Here’s your crash course. » Subscribe to Seeker! (then hit the little 🔔 icon and select “all.”) » Watch more Body Language! » Visit our shop […]

5G Just Got Here, But Where Is 6G?

In 2019, after years of waiting, 5G wireless networks and devices finally became a reality. So, when are we getting 6G? C’mon, we’re bored already. » Subscribe to Seeker! (then hit the little 🔔 icon and select “all.”) » Watch more Elements! » Visit our shop at To state the obvious, 6G […]

Why can’t governments print an unlimited amount of money? – Jonathan Smith

Explore the economic strategy of quantitative easing, where a central bank purchases bonds in order to boost the economy. — In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic rocked economies worldwide. Millions of people lost their jobs, and many businesses struggled to survive or shut down. Governments responded with some of the largest economic relief packages in […]

The most notorious scientific feud in history – Lukas Rieppel

Get to know one of the most infamous scientific rivalries in history, known as the Bone Wars, where two scientists competed to find dinosaur fossils. — After the California Gold Rush of 1848, settlers streamed west to strike it rich. In addition to precious metals, they unearthed another treasure: dinosaur bones. Two wealthy scientists in […]

What Does Birth Control Do To The Body?

Millions of people around the world take birth control for many different reasons. So, how exactly does birth control work? » Subscribe to Seeker! (then hit the little 🔔 icon and select “all.”) » Watch more Body Language! » Visit our shop at When I first started taking birth control at 17, […]

Getting Vaccinated at the Coolest Place 😎

– NEW Hexagon jacket! – Thank you, Bonnie Bees, for making this video possible: – Discuss this video: ## Related Videos – Escape from Lockdown! ## Filming Gear – GoPro HERO9 Black: – GoPro Max Lens: – DJI Osmo Action: – Apple iPhone 12 Pro: ## Music […]

Meet the Interstellar Comet Helping Map the Solar System’s Evolution

Back in 2019, a mysterious comet from a faraway star system whizzed by Earth. At first glance, the visitor, named 2I/Borisov, seemed to be rather ordinary, but new research has since revealed signs that it’s far from an average comet. » Subscribe to Seeker! (then hit the little 🔔 icon and select “all.”) » […]

Why Sniffing Drugs Changes Your Butthole!

The science of poppers (sold as VHS cleaner) loosens your butthole, is that why so many people are sniffing it? PODCAST ON POPPERS ft. PRIYANKA: Join our mailing list: FOLLOW US! Instagram:​ Facebook:​ Twitter:​ TikTok: @AsapSCIENCE Written by: Greg Brown + Emma Jones Edited by: Luka Šarlija SOURCES Vasodilators & […]

Could we build a wooden skyscraper? – Stefan Al

Explore the viability of wooden skyscrapers, and see how cross-laminated timber (CLT) helps make these once impossible structures possible. — Towering 85 meters above the Norwegian countryside, Mjøstårnet is the world’s tallest wooden building, made almost entirely from the trees of neighboring forests. But as recently as the end of the 20th century, engineers thought […]

Atomic Oxygen Hidden in Earth’s Atmosphere Could Hold Clues to Our Climate Crisis

The airborne observatory SOFIA has already discovered the first molecule in the universe, but what else remains to be uncovered? It’s now starting to reveal insights that could change our understanding of Earth’s atmosphere as we know it. » Subscribe to Seeker! (then hit the little 🔔 icon and select “all.”) » Watch more […]

How To Terraform Venus (Quickly)

The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: Sources & further reading: Leaving earth to find new homes in space is an old dream of humanity and will sooner or later be necessary for our survival. The planet that gets the most attention is […]

Your Menstrual Cycle Is More Than Just Your Period

Discussing your period shouldn’t be taboo—your entire menstrual cycle provides key health insights about your body. So let’s dive into exactly how it works. » Subscribe to Seeker! (then hit the little 🔔 icon and select “all.”) » Watch more Body Language! » Visit our shop at The period goes by many […]

Scientists Just Discovered Mysterious Life Forms Hiding Beneath Antarctica

Half a mile beneath the harsh ice sheets of Antarctica, scientists from the British Antarctic Survey found something surprising: stationary life! Despite the cold temperatures and lack of sunlight, these mysterious creatures appear to be thriving. » Subscribe to Seeker! (then hit the little 🔔 icon and select “all.”) » Watch more Elements! […]

The dark history of the Chinese Exclusion Act – Robert Chang

Dig into the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, which suspended Chinese immigration to the U.S. and blocked Chinese immigrants from citizenship. — In 1882, the United States Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act, the first federal law that restricted immigration based explicitly on nationality. In practice, the Act banned entry to all ethnically Chinese immigrants […]

What Happens in the Minutes, Hours, and Days After You Get a Vaccine?

Vaccines are designed to protect you from a virus and the way that they succeed is by firing up the immune system. In this episode of SICK, we walk through how a vaccine prepares the body to fight off the COVID-19 virus and why it can cause some unpleasant side effects. — Dr. Kennedy was […]

Scientists Are in a Race Against Time and Earth’s Rotation

Earth Is spinning faster than ever, and scientists are spinning their wheels to keep up. » Subscribe to Seeker! » Watch more Elements! » Visit our shop at The year 2020 may have felt like it lasted forever, but it was actually the shortest one in decades. In fact, it was 1.3 […]

Why We Know So Little About Women’s Bodies

The scientific community has long overlooked women’s health. So just how big is this knowledge gap, and how is it affecting women’s health today? Thanks to Rainbow Light for sponsoring this episode. Editor’s Note: At Seeker, we recognize that people of many genders and identities have vaginas and uteruses, and are affected by the topics […]

How one person saved over 2,000 children from the Nazis – Iseult Gillespie

Get to know the story of Irena Sendler, a social worker who saved over 2,000 Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII. — In 1943, Irena Sendler and Janina Grabowska froze when they heard Gestapo pounding on the front door. Knowing she was minutes from arrest, Irena tossed Janina her most dangerous possession: a […]

Could We Control the Weather to Solve Extreme Droughts?

As severe droughts threaten regions across the world, scientists have proposed a solution that sounds like science fiction: What if we just make it rain ourselves? » Subscribe to Seeker! » Watch more Elements! » Visit our shop at While this may seem like a far-fetched fix, this idea is actually based […]

Can you cheat death by solving this riddle? – Shravan S K

Practice more problem-solving at — You and your best friend Bill are the greatest bards in the kingdom— but maybe not the brightest. Your hit song has insulted the king and now you’re slated for execution. Luckily, Death is a connoisseur of most excellent music and has decided to give you a chance to […]

The Simple Problem 51% Of People Can’t Solve

How does your brain work? These simple puzzles will reveal a lot! The first 1,000 people to use this link will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare: Subtraction Podcast Episode: FOLLOW US! Instagram:​​ Facebook:​​ Twitter:​​ TikTok: @AsapSCIENCE Written by: Mitchell Moffit Edited by: Luka Šarlija Sources: […]

Do Variants of the COVID Virus Mean We’ll Need More Vaccines?

There are worries that, as variants of the COVID-19 virus emerge in places like the U.K., South Africa and Brazil, we will need to continue to get new vaccines. Epidemiologist Dr. Celine Gounder explains how current vaccines fight variants and whether we will need to get booster shots alongside our yearly flu shots indefinitely. » […]

Why Insects May Just Be the Food of the Future

What do crickets, cicadas, and Madagascar’s “bacon bug” all have in common? These insects may be our key to a sustainable food future. » Subscribe to Seeker! » Watch more Elements! » Visit our shop at Let’s get the most obvious question out of the way first: Is this a weird idea? […]

These salamanders snack on each other (but don’t die) – Luis Zambrano

Discover the extraordinary regenerative powers of the axolotl, a salamander native to Mexico and one of science’s most studied animals. — Axolotls are one of science’s most studied animals. Why, you ask? These extraordinary salamanders are masters of regeneration: they can flawlessly regenerate body parts ranging from amputated limbs and crushed spines to parts of […]

Why was India split into two countries? – Haimanti Roy

Dig into the 1947 Partition of India, when Britain split the region into two states, India and Pakistan, and the mass migrations and violence that followed. — In 1947, the British viceroy announced that after 200 years of British rule, India would gain independence and be partitioned into Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan. What followed […]

Forget EVs, Solar Powered Cars Are Here

Engineers are one step closer to harnessing the Sun to power your next car, giving the auto industry renewed interest in solar. In other words, the solar powered car revolution is coming. » Subscribe to Seeker! » Watch more Focal Point | » Visit our shop at For centuries now, countless inventors […]

What few people know about the program that “saved” America – Meg Jacobs

Explore the successes and failures of FDR’s New Deal, a set of legislation during the Great Depression which aimed to save the US economy. — In 1932, one in four Americans was unemployed, marking the highest unemployment rate in the country’s history. The Democratic presidential candidate Franklin D. Roosevelt promised a New Deal— a comprehensive […]

Strange Symptoms: Why COVID-19 Affects the Skin, Sense of Smell, and More

When COVID-19 first started popping up, the symptoms were described as a fever, a dry cough and sometimes shortness of breath. But now we know this disease affects so many different systems in the body – circulatory, endocrine, and even neurological. This episode of SICK answers just what it is about the COVID-19 virus that […]