The negative impacts of loneliness | Indira Subramanian | TEDxRiverOaks

Neurologist, Dr. Indira Subramanian has spent years treating people with Parkinson’s Disease. Influenced by Victor Frankl, her passion led her to discovering the “secret sauce” that helps patients do well. Her TEDx discusses the negative impacts of loneliness and how a more holistic concept of health can improve health outcomes for patients and others. Dr. […]

Karoli Hindriks: Why the passport needs an upgrade | TED

It’s time to give paper passports a digital upgrade, says entrepreneur Karoli Hindriks. Looking to Estonia’s technology-driven government for inspiration, she envisions a world where immigration is no longer hindered by bureaucracy and needless repetition. Travel with her to a future beyond borders where universal digital passports replace paper ones — and where outdated systems […]

Food and its forgotten identity | Akash Muralidharan | TEDxNITTrichy

Food is a basic necessity, that also makes for a repository of culture, history and a powerful tool to bring about change. Having tackled issues such as climate change and loss of diversity, Akash demonstrates the competence that this relatively new branch of design possesses, with projects such as “Cook and See” exploring indigenous vegetables […]

Do what you love, but make sure that you love it | Ahmed Haitham | TEDxBaghdad

Ahmed takes us through his life experiences that was full of challenges to show us the importance of doing what you really love to do. Ahmed Haitham Iraqi, born in 1992 Passionate about creating digital entertainment content on social networks I graduated from the University of Baghdad / Business Administration / 2015. Worked in the […]

Rebecca Galemba: How employers steal from workers — and get away with it | TED

When you work, you expect to be paid for it. Except, for millions of Americans employed across a range of industries like restaurants and construction, that’s not always the case. Anthropologist Rebecca Galemba explores the multibillion-dollar problem of wage theft and how employers get away with it, highlighting the changes needed for them to pay […]

Why the next generation of interfaces will be human | Marc Teyssier | TEDxVienna

We are surrounded by devices, up to the point we are unaware of their presence, and we stop questioning their form and how (or if) they work. Marc presents three different anthropomorphic – uncanny, shocking – works that add a body to interfaces. Come along the speaker’s journey while developing them and explaining how critical […]

Future of work for start-up founders | Sankha Deep Das | TEDxCardiffUniversity

NOTE FROM TED: TEDx events are independently organized by volunteers. The guidelines we give TEDx organizers are described in more detail here: The future of the workplace is at the moment, very unclear and full of assumptions and theories. For start-ups, this means a whole new challenge but presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create […]

Hongqiao Liu: Can China achieve its ambitious climate pledges? | TED Countdown

In 2020, China’s President Xi Jinping pledged that China would both peak its emissions by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2060 — a change that will require action at an unheard-of scale and speed. Can the country actually achieve this ambitious vision? In this forward-looking talk, environmental journalist and analyst Hongqiao Liu explores what […]

Tzeporah Berman: The bad math of the fossil fuel industry | TED Countdown

We currently have enough fossil fuels to progressively transition off of them, says climate campaigner Tzeporah Berman, but the industry continues to expand oil, gas and coal production and exploration. With searing passion and unflinching nerve, Berman reveals the delusions keeping true progress from being made — and offers a realistic path forward: the Fossil […]

Ilissa Ocko: The fastest way to slow climate change now | TED Countdown

“Cutting methane is the single fastest, most effective opportunity to reduce climate change risks in the near term,” says atmospheric scientist Ilissa Ocko. That’s because, unlike carbon dioxide, methane’s warming power doesn’t come from a gradual buildup over time but is almost entirely from recent emissions. Ocko identifies three main sources of methane pollution which, […]

Leave early from work to go diving? This is how I do it. | Nichole Danser | TEDxOranjestad

Nichole was a high school teacher at the International School of Aruba when together with a group of students they began restoring corals in the Aruban reefs. After teaching math in California for 6 years Nichole moved to Italy to live and teach in the country sides of Tuscany. After two years in Florence the […]

A Cause Greater Than Self – What We Can Learn from Our Veterans | Mary Whyte | TEDxRiverOaks

American figurative artist, Mary Whyte, details her quest to paint a portrait of America. Her talk recounts her decision to travel to each state to paint veterans and some of the fascinating lessons she learned about American veterans along the way. Ms. Whyte is known internationally for her watercolors of contemporary people. Her works are […]

The Moon: A Detour on the way to Mars? | Daniel Ricardo | TEDxUniMelb

As humanity takes strides towards sending humans to Mars and onwards into deep space, it is easy to forget where we’ve already been. Daniel Ricardo explores the pivotal role the Moon will play in the coming space-age, especially when we have only scratched the surface of understanding the Moon’s origins and opportunities. Daniel Ricardo is […]

Concussion: hard-hitting facts | Elizabeth Pieroth | TEDxChicago

2.7 millions Americans will ‘get their bell rung’ by a concussion this year. This condition is classified as a mild traumatic brain injury, potentially causing major deficits. Dr. Elizabeth Pieroth understands first-hand the impact of concussion on pro athletes, youth athletes and average people. She explains new science behind concussion treatment and why the old […]

Fare fumetti vuol dire raccontare una storia con il disegno | Giulio De Vita | TEDxPordenoneStudio

Fare fumetti non vuol dire solo disegnare, vuol dire raccontare una storia attraverso il disegno. Giulio De Vita a TEDxPordenoneStudio ci ha raccontato come il suo sogno di bambino oggi sia diventato una storia di successo che coinvolge l’intera sua città, Pordenone. Nella sua carriera la parola chiave è sempre stata esplorare. Esplorare tutti gli […]

Испытание или подарок судьбы | Александра Васильева | TEDxBaumanStStudio

В выступлении Александра расскажет историю о том, как один “подарок судьбы” научил ее создавать новые возможности. Александра родилась слепой, но это не стало для нее преградой. ПРЕДПРИНИМА́ТЕЛЬ This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Ashoka Fellow | Dr. Priscilla M Achakpa | TEDxAshokaAfrica

Watch Dr. Priscilla Achakpa as shares her journey in advocating for more accountability and sustainable practices by the industry in Northern Nigeria and how she has engaged thousands of women to act for the planet, making the environment also a gender matter. Dr. Priscilla M Achakpa, is the Founder/Global President of, Women Environmental Programme (WEP) […]

Jenny Scheinman, Nels Cline and Todd Sickafoose: “A Ride With Polly Jean” / “Ali Farka Touche” | TED

Settle in for a jazzy, transportive set by Jenny Scheinman with Nels Cline and Todd Sickafoose, performing “A Ride With Polly Jean” and “Ali Farka Touche.” Visit to get our entire library of TED Talks, transcripts, translations, personalized talk recommendations and more. The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the […]

Hledání vznešenosti v sobě samém | Anna Hogenová | TEDxPrague

Anna Hogenová se ve své řeči zamýšlí nad vztahem viditelného s neviditelným a nad probouzením se k vlastnímu světlu. Vedoucí oddělení filozofie a etiky na Filozofické fakultě UK. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Design di nuovi futuri: la persona al centro | Emanuel Ingrao | TEDxModena

L’impatto del metodo Human-Centered Design in un intervento di rigenerazione degli spazi nel carcere italiano San Vittore. I bisogni di agenti di polizia e detenuti al centro del processo di innovazione. The impact of human-centered design in the space regeneration of the San Vittore prison in Italy. The needs of police officers and prisoners at […]

Trebor Scholz: Stuck in the gig economy? Try platform co-ops instead | TED

Co-ops date back almost 200 years, run by groups of people that work together to own and operate a company. What does it look like when this tried-and-true business model merges with the digital economy? Trebor Scholz introduces the “platform cooperative,” a new way to create democratic companies of empowered workers — and develop a […]

Is Masculinity Killing Men? | Rob Wang | TEDxTemecula

In this talk, we cover the science of what makes suicide the 10th biggest cause of death among American men, what goes through someone’s mind when they’re deciding whether to live or die, and the very simple solution that can begin to turn that around. A certified charisma coach and entrepreneur who once worked with […]

Как нейротехнологии помогут нам жить долго и счастливо. | Владимир Статут | TEDxKarpovka

Человек развивается с невероятной скоростью и его запросы на самореализацию выходят за пределы его физических и временных возможностей. Вероятно, уже в ближайшем будущем ученые и технологии, способные анализировать BigData в области био-данных человека смогут оптимизировать человека как психофизиологическую систему. Благодаря чему, мы сможем получить некого супер-ассистента, персонального гида по нашей жизни, который на основе анализа […]

Jeff Dean: AI isn’t as smart as you think — but it could be | TED

What is AI, really? Jeff Dean, the head of Google’s AI efforts, explains the underlying technology that enables artificial intelligence to do all sorts of things, from understanding language to diagnosing disease — and presents a roadmap for building better, more responsible systems that have a deeper understanding of the world. (Followed by a Q&A […]

Why I use blood as a material | Basse Stittgen | TEDxVienna

It is essential for life, both medically and metaphorically, and still we are repulsed by it. Blood tells many stories, about life and death and a world in between, yet there are stories that remain untold: what happens with the blood of animals in the age of industrialized slaughter? And what kind of stigma has […]

Charlie Puth: “You and I” | TED Countdown

Tapping into his jazz and R&B influences, singer-songwriter Charlie Puth performs an impeccable cover of Stevie Wonder’s “You and I.” Countdown is TED’s global initiative to accelerate solutions to the climate crisis. The goal: to build a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, in the race to a zero-carbon world. […]

ภาษาคือเลนส์ของการมองโลกที่แตกต่าง | ธรรมพร คำเคน | TEDxYouth@PathumWan

ร่วมค้นหาเรื่องราวของคุณดาวฟ้าหลังจบการศึกษาจากคณะนิเทศศาสตร์ และเริ่มต้นเส้นทางด้านศิลปะที่ทำให้เขาค้นพบศิลปะของ ‘ภาษา’ และเปลี่ยนแนวคิด รวมถึงมุมมองของการใช้ชีวิตของเขาไปอย่างมาก; พูดได้ว่าศิลปะ มีอิทธิพลมากพอในการเปลี่ยนการมองโลกของเขาไปเลยก็ว่าได้ หลังจากจบการศึกษาจากคณะนิเทศศาสตร์ คุณดาวฟ้าก็ได้ผันตัวมาทำงานด้านศิลปะ ด้วยความสนใจทางด้านภาษา จึงเปิดสถาบันสอนภาษาและเผยแพร่ความรู้ด้านภาษาผ่านสื่อออนไลน์ This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

Charlie Puth: “Attention” | TED Countdown

Singer-songwriter Charlie Puth dazzles in a performance of his effortlessly catchy hit “Attention,” live from the TED Countdown stage. Countdown is TED’s global initiative to accelerate solutions to the climate crisis. The goal: to build a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, in the race to a zero-carbon world. Get […]

Careful What You Wish For | Rick Kirkham | TEDxArendal

Rick Kirkham is an experienced journalist and filmmaker who has dedicated his life to telling stories. Best known for his 2006 HBO show TV Junkie as well as his appearance in the Netflix series Tiger King, Kirkham has always been interested in television. He was constantly on the lookout for his next big story, and […]

How the brain makes memories | Lisa Genova | Big Think

Our best guesses at the mystery of memory, with Lisa Genova Subscribe to Big Think on YouTube ►► Up next ►► 4 ways to hack your memory Every time we learn something new, our brain changes. There are four basic steps in creating a memory: encoding, consolidation, storage, and retrieval. Figuring out how memories […]

Pardis Parker: I’m tired of people telling me to “grind” | TED

In an uproarious stand-up set, comedian Pardis Parker rails against a central tenet of modern culture: the “grind.” Visit to get our entire library of TED Talks, transcripts, translations, personalized talk recommendations and more. The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world’s leading thinkers and […]

Метавселенные: революция продуктивности или финал человечества? | Михаил Степнов | TEDxVolkovSquare

Почему все говорят о метавселенных и что это вообще такое? Подключат ли нас всех к «Матрице» или мы начнем ходить на работу в “VR”? О перспективах развития метавселенных и технологий, их создающих, в выступлении Михаила Степнова. исполнительный директор по исследованию данных, Sber AI This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference […]

Whose baby is this? IVF mix-ups & other reasons to change the law | Ellen Trachman | TEDxMileHigh

What happens when a couple freezes embryos to conceive a baby later, but they get divorced? What if egg and sperm samples get mixed up? Or worse – what if an embryo is implanted in the wrong woman? Thanks to technology, there are so many ways to have a baby or start a family – […]

What I’ve learned from reading over 10,000 diaries | Sally MacNamara Ivey | TEDxVienna

In the past 34 years Sally MacNamara Ivey has read and researched over 10,000 vintage diaries. What she shares here in her talk is how that journey began, how it has changed her life and the power of the handwritten word. Everybody has an untold story worthy of telling. Sally MacNamara Ivey has been collecting […]

How parents can share smarter on social media | Stacey Steinberg | TEDxVienna

We are the first generation of parents to raise kids alongside social media, and our kids are the first generation to grow up shared. How can we balance staying connected online with protecting our children’s privacy? Stacey Steinberg is a legal skills professor at the University of Florida Levin College of Law, where she also […]

How reading books by authors of colour helps us reclaim our humanity | Layla F. Saad | TEDxVienna

Black author and antiracism educator Layla F. Saad has always been a book nerd. But for the majority of her life, the books that she read did not represent her. She was 15 years old the first time she read a book by a Black author, and 33 years old when she intentionally started reading […]

Pourquoi une start-up gagnerait à agir pour une cause ? | Hadrien Collot | TEDxBSBDijon

D’enfant, n’aimant pas l’école, à entrepreneur responsable dans la protection de l’environnement, Hadrien Collot prouve qu’il est possible de suivre ses passions et de réussir. Il raconte ce qui l’a poussé à dépenser son énergie dans la création d’une entreprise et d’une ONG devenue internationale dans le but de suivre ses convictions et ses engagements […]

Irma L. Olguin Jr.: How to turn around a city | TED

Computer skills aren’t what’s stopping people from breaking into the tech industry, says social entrepreneur Irma L. Olguin Jr. More often, the biggest hurdles are things like access to childcare, transportation and financial stability. In this visionary talk, Olguin Jr. introduces the work she’s done to uplift and empower people in her community in Fresno, […]

The 10 tactics of fascism | Jason Stanley | Big Think

The 10 tactics of fascism, with Jason Stanley Subscribe to Big Think on YouTube ►► Up next ►►”Never Again?” How fascism hijacks democracies over and over Fascism is a cult of the leader, who promises national restoration in the face of supposed humiliation by immigrants, leftists, liberals, minorities, homosexuals, women, in the face […]

Music in Architecture: Designing Harmonious Spaces | Mrunmayee Atre | TEDxUnionTownshipWomen

We can communicate feelings through music, while architecture is an expression of feelings in the form of structures. Music creates moods and adds an intangible dimension to the space. Mrunmayee Atre presents an idea to combine two concepts – 1. Music that can be seen in architecture, and 2. Music that can be emotionally experienced […]

L.O.L. Learning Out Loud X Leaders Of The New School! | Emmanuel Smith | TEDxDetroit

GOOD EDUCATION DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A QUIET ONE! I’ve worked for elementary schools for over a decade now. I’m a part of a growing underground movement that’s bucking against the traditional docile education system! LEARNING = EXCITEMENT! Our classrooms can no longer be SILENT! It’s time for a REVIVAL! Emmanuel “Mr. E in the […]

Charlotte Degot: A more accurate way to calculate emissions | TED

Greenhouse gases are colorless, scentless and invisible, making them exceptionally hard to measure. Fortunately, some tools and techniques can help — one of the most powerful being artificial intelligence, says green technologist Charlotte Degot. By processing massive amounts of data on carbon emissions, she explains how AI makes it possible for corporations to set meaningful […]

The Future of Finance is Female | Anita Knotts | TEDxNaperville

Financial maverick Anita Knotts set herself apart in a male-dominated financial industry by staying true to herself. With women anticipated to control more than $110 trillion in global wealth by the end of 2025, Anita shares some bold ideas on how a more human approach to wealth management can transform the financial industry to better […]