The technology that’s replacing the green screen

The green screen is a Hollywood staple. Should it be? It’s easy to complain about overreliance on special effects, but for projects that require impossible-to-film environments or have incredibly expensive shots, how do you get the flexibility of green screens without the drawbacks? Charmaine Chan has worked on one of the possible answers. Vox’s Phil […]

Why American public transit is so bad | 2020 Election

Most Americans have no choice but to drive. How do we change that? What do you wish the presidential candidates would talk about? In the middle of the 20th century, the US government made a decision that would transform American cities: It built a huge system of interstate highways, many of which went right […]

How America could lose its allies | 2020 Election

What is NATO? And why is it still around? What do you wish the presidential candidates would talk about? For 150 years, the US avoided formal alliances. It occasionally went to war — fighting the War of 1812, the Spanish-American War, and World War I — but did so without entangling itself in promises […]

How the next president could change policing | 2020 Election

What the candidates can (and can’t) do about police reform. What do you wish the presidential candidates would talk about? Police reform is a major issue in the 2020 election, yet it’s also one of the issues the president has little control over. Police are primarily funded and managed by local governments instead of […]

How robots made this food commercial look effortless

Creating the perfect food commercial isn’t just a matter of great styling and a mouth-watering dish. Sometimes, you need a robot. Steve Giralt is a “visual engineer.” Check out his Instagram for more: Or explore his website as he starts working on educational content about his work: Giralt began his career as a […]

How US schools punish Black kids | 2020 Election

For the 50 million kids who attend public schools in the US, the 2020 election is personal. What do you wish the presidential candidates would talk about? When it comes to who gets punished and removed from American classrooms, the US doesn’t treat all students equally. Black students get suspended and expelled far more […]

How colorized photos helped introduce Japan to the world

The best hand-colored photos of the 19th century came from Japan. Become a Video Lab member! For over 200 years, Japan isolated itself from the outside world by forbidding most foreigners from entering the country. But in 1854, a US naval expedition of warships forced Japan to open its port cities, resulting in a […]

The $12 trillion ripple effect of Covid-19 [Advertiser content from the Gates Foundation]

The pandemic has hit everyone, but it has hit us all in different ways. Many lives have been lost, a number that just entered seven digits. Millions have lost jobs. Others have lost trust in their fellow citizens. Entire sectors of private industry have been upended. Those who have been infected and recovered may yet […]

How beaches became a battleground for US civil rights

The forgotten “wade-ins” that transformed the US. Listen to the story on this episode of Today, Explained: When we think of the iconic moments of the Civil Rights Movement in the US, we might imagine bus boycotts, lunch counter sit-ins or the March on Washington. Most of us won’t think of protests at beaches […]

What voter suppression looks like online

Russians and domestic political operatives use targeted social media messages to try to convince Black voters to stay home on Election Day. Subscribe to our channel and turn on notifications (🔔) so you don’t miss any videos: According to a report by CNN, the federal government has warned that Russia “might seek to covertly […]

How the US keeps poor people from accessing abortion | 2020 Election

The 2020 US election could decide the fate of a 40-year-old ban on abortion funding. What do you wish the presidential candidates would talk about? For the past 44 years, every US Congress and president have approved a federal budget that includes a ban on federal funding for abortion services, except in extreme cases. […]

How the Beirut explosion was a government failure

And why Lebanon is on the verge of collapse. Subscribe to our channel! On August 4, 2020, a massive explosion rocked Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. The blast occurred when sparks in a warehouse hit a stockpile of ammonium nitrate — a highly explosive material — that was stored in the city’s port. […]

How to prioritize and manage savings when home [Advertiser content from Bank of America]

In this segment from the Money Talks: Home Habits series, powered by Bank of America, Vox publisher Melissa Bell is joined by Tonya Rapley, financial educator and founder of My Fab Finance to discuss how to reprioritize personal finance goals right now, whether you’ve experienced a loss in income, or are saving on normal expenses, […]

How America can leave fossil fuels behind, in one chart

What the 2020 US election means for climate change. What do you think the presidential candidates should be talking about? All of recorded human history has happened during a period in which the average global temperature didn’t change by more than 1 degree Celsius. But the burning of fossil fuels has triggered a temperature […]

I made a catapult to launch marshmallows! Thanks, Leonardo da Vinci.

It’s time to make a catapult. Welcome to our first-ever week of programming for kids! We wanted to launch some marshmallows, so we built a miniature machine based on Leonardo da Vinci’s designs. Leonardo da Vinci was a famous artist and inventor, and his sketchbooks include a couple of catapult drawings that you can use […]

What Black Lives Matter means to an 11-year-old

Eleven-year-old Jolia Bossette on being a Black kid in America. Welcome to our first-ever week of programming for kids! The killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and hundreds of other Black Americans at the hands of police officers have inspired protests across the country and around the world. The news coverage has been impossible for […]

The myth of the 19th Amendment

The suffrage movement didn’t protect all women’s right to vote. Subscribe to our channel! On this landmark 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, historians Martha S. Jones and Daina Ramey Berry reflect on what the 19th Amendment means for Black American women. The women’s suffrage movement was a predominantly white cause, one that sacrificed the […]

Why face masks became political in the US

How America screwed up its messaging on masks. Subscribe to our channel! The message from public health experts is clear: Wearing a mask can help stop the spread of coronavirus. But that message hasn’t completely gotten through; many Americans still simply don’t believe it. It’s a major failure of communication, one that has almost […]

The next pandemic could come from factory farms

We’ve engineered the perfect environment for deadly new germs. Become a Video Lab member! In the last half-century, the global production of meat has undergone a seismic shift. While meat was once mostly raised on small farms, today almost all the meat we eat comes from industrialized “factory” farms, known as “concentrated animal feeding […]

The coronavirus is mutating. Now what?

The coronavirus is mutating, and scientists are concerned about one mutation in particular: D614G. Check out this episode of our Quibi show, Answered. There’s a new episode daily you can watch here: Subscribe to our channel! is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving […]

The British Museum is full of stolen artifacts

And so far, it isn’t giving them back. Subscribe to our channel! Some of the world’s greatest cultural and historical treasures are housed in London’s British Museum, and a significant number of them were taken during Britain’s centuries-long imperial rule. In recent years, many of the countries missing their cultural heritage have been asking […]

How “forever chemicals” polluted America’s water

Why 99% of Americans have these chemicals in their blood. Become a Video Lab member! North Carolina’s Cape Fear River is a massive water system. It stretches across the lower half of the state, collecting runoff from 29 counties and providing water to millions of people. But in the city of Wilmington, where the […]

Facebook showed this ad to 95% women. Is that a problem?

How algorithmic ad targeting can segregate us. Subscribe to our channel! Check out our full video catalog: Or our podcasts: Follow Vox on Twitter: Or on Facebook: In 2019, Facebook settled a lawsuit with civil rights groups following the revelation that advertisers using their platform could use the targeting options […]

Tony Hawk breaks down skateboarding’s legendary spots

Full pipes, ledges, stair sets, and pools: These are the skate spots that made legends. Subscribe to our channel! Tony Hawk, the legendary skateboarder, and Iain Borden, an architectural historian, are your guides in this deep dive into skateboarding history via the sport’s most iconic spots. From a giant pipe in the foothills of […]

The most notorious act of protest for women’s suffrage

In 1913, suffragette Emily Davison disrupted a major horse race in the name of winning British women the vote. Become a Video Lab member! British suffragettes in the early 20th century used spectacle and drama to draw attention to their fight to win women the vote. They delivered public speeches, marched, displayed colorful banners, […]

How slow motion works

This video is sponsored by Raycon. To get 15% off, click here: Slow motion is a key part of modern visual culture, from iPhone selfies to movies. So how does it work? Subscribe to our channel! In this episode of Vox Almanac, Vox’s Phil Edwards explores how slow motion works and how it […]

How humans are making pandemics more likely

It’s never been easier for animal pathogens to spill over into humans. Become a Video Lab member! Over the last 40 years, disease outbreaks among humans have become more and more frequent. The majority of those diseases are zoonoses, or diseases that originated in animals, like Ebola, West Nile virus, and probably Covid-19. But […]

A timeline of 1,944 Black Americans killed by police

Black Americans are more likely to be killed by police. The police are rarely held accountable. Become a Video Lab member! On May 25, 2020, Minneapolis police officers killed an unarmed black man named George Floyd. After video of Floyd’s death spread on the internet, protesters filled the streets across the US, demanding an […]