Are There Infinite Infinities? #shorts

Bitdefender Total Security (Extended Free Trial) –¾7CVS2Q4 Thanks to Bitdefender for supporting Vsauce2. We know what infinity is… it’s something that never ends. It’s right in the name: ‘doesn’t finish.’ But is it possible to have more than one infinity? Can one infinity be larger than another? And if we say yes or no, […]

The Worst Math Ever Used In Court

Bitdefender Total Security (Extended Free Trial) – Thanks to Bitdefender for supporting Vsauce2. As math and our minds both become more sophisticated, we can use strategies like probability to fill gaps in the unknown. That’s particularly useful in a court of law, where we almost never have all the facts we need. But what […]

Greed, Lies, and Math: Busting America’s Richest Woman

Sign up to Morning Brew for free today: Thanks to Morning Brew for supporting Vsauce2. “… for the root of all evils is the love of money,” states the First Epistle of Paul to Timothy — and no woman in 19th century America exemplifies that more than Hetty Green. She was a remarkable, talented […]

The FBI Framed Him With Science

Find out which companies have your data and reclaim it by visiting: Thanks to Mine for supporting Vsauce2. When tragedy struck Madrid on March 11, 2004, the international community including the FBI rushed to help Spanish police identify the perpetrators. Some of them were too eager. A partial fingerprint match to Oregon lawyer Brandon […]

This Irrational Hypotenuse Got a Man Killed #shorts

Was “alogon” unsayable because it was a mathematical Voldemort, or because the concept of irrationality was so difficult to express? Probably a little bit of both. Hippasus’s fate is a mix of legends, with some saying he was drowned at sea by the will of the Gods after discovering irrationality, and others suggesting he angered […]

Do Chairs Exist?

Subscribe to our Curiosity Box! Add the Summer Box to your cart, use code BOGO, and get the summer box FREE! FOLLOW ME: Tweets by tweetsauce LINKS TO LEARN MORE: BOOKS: Metametaphysics (Eds. Chalmers, Wasserman) An Introduction to Metametaphysics (Tahko) Material Beings (Peter Van Inwagen) Objects and Persons (Trenton Merricks) Ordinary Objects (Amie […]

Math Says NO. You Don’t Care.

Get the Vsauce Curiosity Box: Probability is one of the clearest, more straightforward disciplines within mathematics. Unfortunately, almost nothing in mathematics is murkier and more misleading than… probability. WHAT?! Belgian mathematician Maurice Kraitchik posed a simple question about wagering wallets, and in doing so he revealed a paradoxical mismatch between a raw, indisputable math […]

The Deception Paradox

Get the Vsauce Curiosity Box: The transitive property is ingrained in our thinking. It gives our brains a simple, straightforward way to process the world — especially with numbers. If one thing is better or more valuable than another, and that second thing is better than a third, you KNOW that the first one […]

The Incredible YouTubers Who Brought CYSTM: A Quiet Place To Life

Main episode: Meet the wide array of talented YouTube creators & makers we relied on to explore the complex world of sound and hearing (and the other scientific concepts throughout this season). Rikki Poynter: 12tone: Benn Jordan: Electroboom:

Could You Survive A QUIET PLACE?

Guest Star Rikky Poynter: 12tone: Shhhhh… Years after an alien invasion, Jake (me) quietly ekes out a meager existence while avoiding the sound-sensitive alien race that’s hunting him. Although every sound *could* spell disaster, it provides the perfect opportunity to explore what is sound, what it means to hear, and if we can […]

Could You Survive JURASSIC PARK?

Guest Starring iJustine: Harris Heller: Emily Graslie: Life finds a way…Jake (that’s me!) is enjoying a relaxing vacation at Jurassic Park when something goes terribly wrong and the dinosaurs escape their cages. With the prehistoric beasts running rampant, the race is on to get to the last boat off the island…and see […]

Could You Survive TOP GUN?

Guest Starring AtomicMari: iDubbbz: Vsauce: Watch the Making Of: Cocky Science Aviator Jake Roper (that’s me!) feels the NEED FOR SPEED as he struggles to overcome his arrogance and work as a team to take down the enemy while also flying head on into the deceptively complex concepts behind the physics […]